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GitHub for Teams

Build like the best teams on the planet

With CI/CD, Dependabot, and the world’s largest developer community, GitHub gives your team everything they need to ship better software faster.

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califa commented 4 days ago: 👋 Could someone take a look at this PR? teenage-witch commented 3 days ago: Added a few comments, otherwise LGTM! broccolini commented 2 days ago: Awesome work, ship it! 🚢✅
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Ready to get your
team started?

GitHub Free

Basics for teams
and developers

  • Unlimited public/private repositories
  • 2,000 Actions minutes/month
  • 500MB of GitHub Packages storage
  • Community Support

Need SAML, self-hosting, or priority support?

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GitHub Team

Advanced collaboration and deployment
features for teams

  • Everything included in Free, plus ...
  • 3,000 Actions minutes/month
  • 2GB of GitHub Packages storage
  • GitHub Codespaces
  • Protected branches
  • Multiple reviewers in pull requests
  • Code owners
  • Draft pull requests
  • Required reviewers
  • Pages and Wikis
  • Web-based support

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  • Trustpilot
  • Gatsby
  • Kubernetes
  • Front


Manage everything in one place

Connect your favorite tools

Build the way that works best for you with support for all your go-to integrations, including Slack, Jira, and more.

Add your team in a few clicks

Add your team in a click

Seamlessly update permissions and add new users as you build, whether you’re on a team of two or two thousand.

Speed up code review

Step up your code quality with code review tools that fit right into your workflow.

Plan together

Plan together

Make it easy for project managers and developers to coordinate, track, and update their work in one place—so projects stay on schedule.

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“As a team, we’re way more confident that we’re in tune. We can all see our work, feedback, and roadmap going through GitHub.”

Lee Adkins, Head of Engineering at Peak Money Lee Adkins, Head of Engineering Peak Money


Build CI/CD workflows that work for you

Streamline your CI/CD

Streamline your CI/CD

Build, test, and deploy projects on any OS, language, or cloud.

Choose from thousands of actions

Choose from thousands of actions

Find community-built GitHub Actions workflows on GitHub Marketplace, or build your own.

Respond to GitHub events

Respond to GitHub events

Trigger workflows based on GitHub events, including push, issue creation, new releases, and more.

Collaborate on workflows

Collaborate on workflows

Build, share, improve, and reuse actions just like code.

Explore GitHub Actions

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“With GitHub Actions, deployments happen 75 percent faster—taking about 10 minutes compared to the 40 minutes required when they were done manually.”

Pierre Laurac, iOS developer at Front App Pierre Laurac, Technical Lead Front App


Stay focused on development

Security background Security overlay
Grant the right access to your team

Grant the right access to your team

Easily grant, limit, or revoke access for collaborators inside and outside your company.

Keep secrets safe

Keep secrets safe

Get alerts when secrets are committed to your repositories—and notify over 30 cloud service providers automatically.

Find vulnerable dependencies

Find vulnerable dependencies

Scan your dependencies automatically. When a vulnerability is found, we’ll open a pull request with suggested fixes.

See how GitHub helps secure your applications

“GitHub’s Dependabot security updates are smarter than any other vulnerability tracking tools we’ve used.”

Alberto Giorgi, Director of Engineering at Alberto Giorgi, Director of Engineering


Home to the world’s software teams

Meet your developers where they already are. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers and the world’s largest open source community.

100 million developers

1 billion contributions

4 million organizations